Monday, August 12, 2013

30 Day Shred: Day 6 - Summer Blowout Challenge: Day 6

~ 30 Day Shred ~

Well Sunday was my rest day, and I did a little over indulgence, but I'm getting back on track. Walked my normal 2+ miles in the morning and worked out with Crazy Lady Michaels when I got home from work. I'm really proud of myself for committing to working out both in the AM and the PM! Another point of celebration for me are my push-ups: though I'm still doing modified push-ups on my knees I am able to do five in a row all the way to the floor and back before needing to take a breather.Something I do need to look into is getting some heavier weights, I don't even know how heavy the ones I have are but I would like too push for 10 pounders.

I'm trying to not let myself get discouraged by the lack of change in my body so far, its only day six, I have 24 days and 20 more work outs to go. I'll take another updated picture on day 10, that's this coming Friday: 16 August 2013.

Last week I didn't do so well on the drinking commitment, so I'm recommitting to that: three or fewer nights of drinking this week. I'm also working on my water intake as well as cutting back on sugars.

~ Summer Blowout Challenge ~

I'm really enjoying the ladies in the challenge, the facebook page is always booming with motivation, discussion topics and general good fun. I'm a little worried about weight in day on Wednesday, but I'll keep my chin up and keep going.

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